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I/We, owner of the property at _________________________________________ Agree to have AeroStorm represent me/us in obtaining my/our insurance company’s good faith of approval for the necessary funds needed for restoration and repairs to the stated property.

Contingent: If the insurance company does NOT agree/approve to pay for needed restoration/repairs, this is automatically terminated.

In such an event, the property owner will NOT owe AeroStorm anything; and AeroStorm will NOT be required to perform any restoration/repairs to stated property.

Property owner(s) agree that AeroStorm WILL perform the approved restoration/repairs to the stated property in accordance with the insurance company’s scope of work. The property owner(s) will pay to AeroStorm ALL insurance proceeds, including; but not limiting to:

1) The initial check (ACV) that comes with the detailed scope work from the insurance company. At this time, the property owner(s) will be assisted in selecting any available options. (E.I.) Shingles, gutters, etc. AeroStorm, then commits to the order if any/all materials to conduct work, setting a restoration/repair start date, and puts in place all permits and inspections for both prior and post installation.

2) The depreciation/supplement check(s) that the insurance company pays upon completion of restoration/repairs and the property final inspection.

3) Policy holder’s portion of insurance claim (Deductible) and any selected upgrades, will be due upon completion.

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